Peregrino’s pilgrimages are custom tailored. We do not first organize trips and then promote them, hoping people will register. We respond to personalized requests for pilgrimages. Our pilgrims hear about a Peregrino pilgrimage through parishes or friends.

Many travel companies offer many types of services, and most of them do a good job. Their customers and groups are satisfied. Peregrino’s customers and groups are satisfied as well, and, additionally,

… they pay a lot less for the same tours.

… they do not have to bother reading, and filling out, long legal documents with tiny letters.

… registering is easy. No need to fill out a complicated form, to scan something, or to go to the post office.

… our pilgrims normally know other people on the tour. They are usually friends or from the same parish.

… our pilgrims likely know the priest or tour leader, as they usually hear about the tour through him.

… our pilgrims will not spend most of the tour on a bus, in airports, or packing and unpacking their luggage when changing hotels. Our trips are focused on one or two cities and last about a week. We prefer a deeper dive in a few cities rather than a “drive by” to a bunch of them. We generally limit our tours to stays at one or two hotels.