Hey Father! If you’re interested in leading your faithful on a pilgrimage you’ve come to the right place. Leading a pilgrimage with us is straight-forward. Ideally we can explain how we work via a phone call or zoom. But here are the basic points:

1) We do all the marketing for the pilgrimage, from mailing bulletin inserts to your parish office to emailing your team bulletin-ready pdfs.

2) No phone calls or emails go through your parish office. If someone does call the parish about the pilgrimage, just direct them to Peregrino. We handle all pilgrimage registrations, payments, passport verifications, airline tickets, etc…

3) If you would like, we can come to your parish, either physically or via video conference, to explain the pilgrimage and to answer any and all questions live.

4) You have to agree to promote the pilgrimage through your parish bulletin, your email lists, and through pulpit announcements.

5) Your primary responsibility, Father, is to get on the plane and have a great pilgrimage! We’ll take care of the rest.