If you are inquiring about a pending pilgrimage from a parish, there should be a flyer and detailed question and answer sheet about the pilgrimage on that parish’s website. Almost every question about a pilgrimage can be answered via that Q & A sheet.

If you have registered for a pilgrimage you have received e-mails from Peregrino Tours with details about the pilgrimage, including information about a parish-based meeting that will take place about a month before your departure to answer any final questions.

If you are looking for information about a particular pilgrimage, you can access the flyer and Q & A sheet on this site by entering the code for that particular pilgrimage in the box to the right (or below if on mobile device) that says “Pilgrimage Info Login”.

Username = your pilgrimage code (lowercase)

Password = access

If already logged in, click here to access information about Pending Tours. If not currently logged in, to access Pending Tours information please log in by populating the two boxes above with a Pilgrimage Code and a password.