Our staff is multi lingual and ready to serve you. Send us an e-mail. We prefer to work almost exclusively by e-mail. It is our experience that written communication on matters of travel, dates, money, schedules, etc.… avoids costly and acrimonious miscommunications and misinterpretations. The written word remains and cannot be misinterpreted.

Communicating in writing greatly reduces the number of miscommunications when organizing a pilgrimage. In cases of emergency we may need to call you, but this would be uncommon. Most questions are addressed in the Question and Answer Sheet for the pilgrimage, can be answered by your priest, or can be discussed at the parish-based meeting which will take place about a month before departure.

If there is some matter that cannot be communicated in writing please send us an e-mail with your phone number specifically requesting a phone call and letting us know a good time to call.

You may contact us via the form below.

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